Lipscani Street

First mentioned in 1589

Lipscani StreetLipscani Street (Leipzig Street) is one of the oldest streets in Bucharest. It is located in the Old Town, between Independence Embarkment and Elderly Avenue.

Lipscani Street around 1900
Lipscani Street around 1900

The street was first mentioned in 1589 under the name Ulița Mare (Large Street), as the main street of the city. The street started originally at the north gate of the Old Princely Court and ended in todays Smârdan Street. This street was full of shops, ateliers and inns.

Lipscani Street around 1900
Lipscani Street around 1900

In the 17th century the street was enlarged and located between the New St. George’s Church and the Mogoșoaia Avenue (now Victory Avenue). In 1750, the street was named after the merchants from Leipzig, Germany (in Romanian Lipsca) who sold their wares in this area. The section between Smârdan Street and the St. George’s Square (now Rome Square) was called until the beginning of the 20th century Marchitani (Romanian word for seller of small things).

Today, Lipscani Street is part of the historic center of Bucharest and is a pedestrian zone.

Important Buildings

  • BNR Palace (Strada Lipscani, no. 25)
  • Theater on Lipscani(Strada Lipscani, no. 53)
  • Chrissoveloni Palace (Strada Lipscani, no. 55)
  • Linden Inn (Strada Lipscani, no. 63)
  • Gabrovian Inn (Strada Lipscani, no. 84)
  • New St. George’s Church (Bulevardul I.C. Brătianu, no. 49)

Former Buildings

  • Șerban Vodă Inn (in place of today’s BNR Palace)
  • Grand Hotel Lafayette (in place of today’s Bancorex building)
  • Zlătari Inn (around today’s Zlătari Church)

Major Intersections

  • Independence Embarkment
  • Victory Avenue
  • Smârdan Street
  • Saddler Street
  • Rome Square
  • I.C. Brătianu Boulevard
  • Elderly Avenue

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  1. All in one

    The Lipscani Street is located in the Old Town of Bucharest. The street has everything your heart desires: In addition to attractions such as churches, museums, theaters and the admirable architecture, there are everywhere restaurants, traditional Romanians and internationals, cafes, bars and pubs. In addition, you can go shopping in the street, there are a large H&M store and more fashion shops the visitor can choose from.

    I recommend a visit to the Lipscani Street in the early morning, when there is not so much going on in the Old Town.

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