Cișmigiu Gardens

Built in 1847

Cișmigiu GardensThe Cișmigiu Gardens (Parcul Cișmigiu) are the oldest public park in Bucharest. It is located in the old city, on the Queen Elisabeth Boulevard.

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At the request of the Romanian ruler Alexandru Ipsilanti, two drinking fountains (in Romanian cișmele) were built in the center of the city. The chief of the construction process was Dumitru Siulgi-Basa, the so-called “Cișmigiu” (drinking fountain builder). He was also carrying the task of supervising the flow of the water in Bucharest’s lakes, including the lake Dura Neguțătorul, today’s Cișmigiu Lake. Due to the annual flooding of the lake, houses were never built around him.

Cișmigiu Gardens in early 20th century
Cișmigiu Gardens in early 20th century

In 1847, during the reign of Gheorghe Bibescu, in the marshy land around the lake was built a public park, which was called Garden of Cișmigiu.

In the northern part of the park was built in 1903 the Kretzulescu Palace, the former residence of Crețulescu family.

In 1943, the Writer Rotunda was built in the western part of the park. In this place were exhibited busts of important Romanian writers like Mihai Eminescu, Vasile Alecsandri or I.L. Caragiale.

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  1. Beautiful, old-fashioned park

    The Cișmigiu Gardens are the oldest park in Bucharest. Between cartilaginous, old trees you will find narrow paths, centuries old statues and fountains, also a beautiful lake with small boats swimming on it. There’s a bird garden too, it is a little bit old and rusty, but still worth seeing.

    The Cișmigiu Gardens are one of the most beautiful attraction of the city and it’s well worth a visit at any case.

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