Capșa House

Built in the early 19th century

Capșa HouseThe Capșa House (Casa Capșa) is a famous café in the center of Bucharest, on the Victory Avenue, opposite the Hotel Capitol.

The Capșa House around 1900
The Capșa House around 1900

On the site of the café were at the beginning of the 19th century the houses of the boyar Radu Slătineanu. In 1830, the royal Italian chef Eronimo Momolo bought the houses and opened in the ground floor a famous Italian-Oriental restaurant. Upstairs he established a ballroom, the Momolo Hall.

The Capșa House in 1927
The Capșa House in 1927

In 1868, the building was purchased by the two brothers Constantin and Grigore Capșa, who opened the confectionery At Two Brothers, Constantin and Grigore Capșa. In 1886, Grigore remained alone in the business and built next to the confectionery a hotel and a café, under the name Capșa. The success of the confectionery overcame the Romanian borders, Capșa became the main supplier of royal courts of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Until the Second World War, the Capșa Café was the place where public figures and journalists discussed politics. As the communism came to power in Romania, the confectionery was closed, here opened the Bucharest Restaurant. In 1975, the café, the confectionery and the hotel were reopened, under the original name Capșa, which still remaines today.

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